Yeah Yeah Yeah’s: The Soft Shock


So yes, I know its been forever..ages and ages since I last wrote, way too long of a break really. But lots has happened, and amidst all that I’ve found some amazing music to make up for my months of not writing.

I’m making my comeback this time with the American Indie band Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Now they seem vaguely popular, with a few of their songs scattered here and there in tv shows. Consisting of Karen O, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase, they’ve done pretty well for themselves being an indie band.

yeah yeah yeah's in all their glory <3

yeah yeah yeah’s in all their glory ❤

Theres one song by them thats always stood out for me. Soft Shock. I could never figure out why it was soft shock and not sharp shock, but eh, the mysteries of song writing. What really strikes you about this track is the simplicity, lyrics and ethereal vocals that resonate in your head long after music is over.

Its a slow, soothing melody, a balm to warm you after a tough day,a lullaby to lull you to sleep after a hard day. And Karen O’s vocals manage to shine through, adding a whimsical, slightly eerie but thoroughly beautiful atmosphere to the track. Its one of those songs you can’t help but play on repeat, just giving yourself up to the sensations and emotions it brings up to the surface.

“Unknown, talk to unknown
Ever, lasts forever

Well, it’s a sharp shock to your soft side
Summer moon, catch your shut eye
In your room, in my room”

Make sure to listen to the acoustic version though (that I’ve linked at the bottom)

Don’t miss it!


Raappana: Finnish Reggae!


Hey guys! Ohmygosh it’s been absolutely ages since I last wrote. Like really. I think this is possibly the longest I’ve gone without writing! Its certainly great to be back. I suppose its just been a mix of uni, laziness, uni and yet more laziness (surprise surprise) that’s kept me busy. Anyway, lets get right to it!

It’s actually been quite long since I’ve gotten down to writing about some great Finnish music, but worry not my finnish music lovers, I’m armed with a ton of droolable finnish music! All thanks to radio suomipop, this finnish radio I’ve been tuning into almost everyday. Seriously, its amazing, you come across a ton of catchy music that sounds unbelievably good! One such artist I came across was Janne Pöyhönen aka Raappana, a Finnish reggae dude. I didn’t even know reggae was a thing in FInland but man was I wrong.



This guy is brilliant. I had him on repeat for weeks. Honestly. His music is soulful to say the least, and has this incredibly catchy tune and tempo that makes you want to hop around your room, waving your arms in the air like some sort of lunatic. Not that I do that of course. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what he’s going on about, just lose yourself in the music. It’s that simple. His music is calming, soothing and if I knew Finnish I’d probably be singing along with it 24/7.

What I also really enjoy is the upbeat, cheerful atmosphere that leaks through his vocals into the song, and you can’t help but think of those sunshiny days that you’ve had. Ah he’s fab.

Matthew P-Depth In Simplicity


I’m not particularly sure where I came across Matthew P. Maybe it was while I was browsing the WordPress Reader (which is fab for finding great music) or during one of my escapades to Youtube for some soul warming music. I reckon this is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but you know, some posts you just never manage to get to.Without further ado, lets get into just who Matthew P is.

To be honest, there isn’t much about him. He’s one of those obscure artists who fail to be make it to the big leagues, but remain happy and content with a small cult following; but it is a shame, because he deserves the fame since the music he creates is definitely worth a listen by a wider audience.

A solo artist from Suffolk, England, Mat P (yes, we’re calling him that now) is someone who isn’t afraid to experiment with his very own eclectic mix of indie folk-pop. While sticking to the base of the genre, he adds some quirks, and manages to make the genre his own; he seems to craft quite a quaint, unique sort of indie folk-pop that warms you to the very tip of your toes.

Matthew P( as if you didn't get that from the pic already :P)

Matthew P( as if you didn’t get that from the pic already :P)

His songs are truthful; and full of childish wonder  . They transport you from a mundane world, full of troubles, to a sun tinged carefree land, where you can bask in the rays of happiness. Admittedly that sounded pretty soppy, but hey, work with me here.

His vocals are a bit different from your usual indie folk-pop-however, its the good kind of different. You can actually feel the fact that he sings from the heart, and tries to share his experiences with you, as he takes you on a journey through waves of beautifully deep lyrics; his voice rings with honesty, and as you ride the wave, as you lose yourself in the music, you’re unaware of the pain in life; all you feel is sense of tranquility encompassing you. And finally, his rough, weathered voice wavers, ends, and you’re put back on your feet in a shower of stars.

His songs reflect the best kind of beauty; beauty untouched. Although his tracks are carefree, there’s a lot behind the words;you must read between the lines to see the true meaning. With Mat P, a lot lies beneath the surface. There is a mature depth to his tracks, and while the harmonies and seemingly simple melodies come together to create a sort of cheerful ditty, you can sense a depth in the simplicity, and thats what makes his music so mesmerizing.

His singles are delicately crafted beauties;expertly made. No doubt, you’re in good hands when you’re listening to him.

SONG OF THE WEEK-There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


Yes, thats right, this weeks ‘song of the week’ is none other than a track by the Smiths, one of my all time favorite bands EVER. ‘There is A Light That Never Goes Out’ is a timeless song; it will continue to exist be remembered fondly by all Smiths fans for a long time to come.

The Smiths were an English rock band formed in Manchester. and the band consisted of vocalist Morrissey (who is undeiniably brilliant), guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce.Now don’t get me wrong, I could’ve written an incredibly lengthy post where I ranted on about how totally smashing this group of musicians are but I figured I’d better reign myself in, I could go on for ages when it came to them 😛


the smiths

the smiths (they get two pics because they’re uhmazing)

A catchy song, this track is taken from the album, ‘The Queen is Dead’..pretty morbid huh? Well it certainly fitting that There Is A Light That Never Goes Out is present here; its perhaps one of the most morbid songs by the Smiths of all time.

Very simply, the single is a masterpiece. The lyrics are beautifully crafted, painful and guaranteed to propel the Smiths to a special place in your heart. Its the sort of song you’d listen to when you’re in a particularly depressing mood, where nothings turned out right, and you just want to wallow in that loneliness and self pity. Its alright, we all do it. While morose, forgotten and perpetually sad characters seem to pepper most of Morriseys songs, “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” ups the sad-and-doomed quotient by leaps and bounds.

Don’t let the catchy, upbeat tune fool you; its just a foil that lets the pain of the track shine through. Johnny Marr’s weepy string arrangements dominate most open spaces that Morrissey’s pensive vocals don’t fill, and you can’t help but feel the music running through your veins, penetrating every thought; its natural to lose yourself in the lyrics and rhythm of the Smith’s songs.

Deliciously depressing, Morrisey does what he does best-make you really get in touch with yourself and your feelings. Its one of those tracks that unites Smiths fans all over the world and encourages them to mope together.

“Take me out tonight
Where there’s music and there’s people
And they’re young and alive
Driving in your car
I never never want to go home
Because I haven’t got one anymore

Take me out tonight
Because I want to see people
And I want to see life
Driving in your car
Oh please don’t drop me home
Because it’s not my home
It’s their home
And I’m welcome no more

And if you think this is heart wrenchingly sad, wait till you see the chorus:

“And if a double decker bus
Crashes into us
To die by your side
Is such a heavenly way to die
And if a ten ton truck
Kills the both of us
To die by your side
Well the pleasure
The privilege is mine”

This chorus spawned one of the most famous lines of lyrics ever:


You can’t deny, its a pretty magnificent track.

THE BACARDI NH7 WEEKENDER-The Time I Saw a Ton of Cool Bands Live


Okay so for those of you that attended the NH7 Weekender Music Festival, you’re probably tutting at the screen going “well this post is pretty late”, which I admit it is since NH7 was about a week or two ago, but better late than never right?

For those of you who aren’t sure what I’m going on about here, the NH7 Weekender is 2-3 day music festival sponsored by Bacardi, that happens in India, specifically a few cities in India, like Pune, Delhi etc etc you get the gist. Anyway, it was a pretty big experience for me, number one because I’d never attended a concert before EVER (which sucked) and number two because THE VACCINES were coming. Yes, thats right, the Vaccines. (I’ve ranted about them on the blog before). Apparently this was their first time playing in India, and they ended up playing some never before tracks, so yay lucky me!

Being able to attend the Pune NH7 was quite amazing too, I mean lets face it, they had the best line up of bands. The awesome thing was that there were many different stages, where different performances occurred. So one stage was just for indie bands(where I was most of the time), another was for folk/other smaller artists, and then there were the metal, rock, and EDM stages.

While the Vaccines were the main attraction (yes, of course they were, I mean..okay we’ll get to that in a bit) there were some other bands that caught my eye:

MONOPONY (the lead singer attempted to crowd surf,actually did for about 5 seconds, fell, but was fine. MOST.EPIC.THING.EVER.)

GOLDSPOT (they’ve got the funkiest, most charmingly quaint brand of indie-pop ever! And the lead singer is this super cool indian dude, so yeah, they’re great. Also got a pic with them that I most definitely will include here)

2014-11-23 22.35.52

me and a friend with the 3 members, minus the lead singer, of goldspot. I’m in the keep calm t shirt, and I dont even know why I’ve got such a serious expression


SCA VENGERS (Oh god so good. They add a tasteful spin to Ska music, and they’re just absolutely brilliant to watch live, theres so much energy)

PROVIDENCE and DOWN TRODDENS (Metaaaalllllllll helll yeaaaah. Indian metal band, didn’t know the metal scene was that great but guess I was really really wrong)

DINOSAUR PILE UP (An English alternative rock band, who really really deserved to be better known. They were quite original, and managed to get the crowd all riled up! Plus the giant inflatable dinosaurs being thrown around the crowd were pretty fun too)

And finally we get to…


Oh god. So brilliant. So amazing. *Running out of adjectives*

I honestly can’t believe I got to see them live. There I was, right at the front, holding onto the barricades, squished between screaming people, under pulsating lights, feeling the heat of bodies, the moving of the mass of people, but most of all, just being so close to a band that I loved so much, I can’t seem to find words to describe that.

Being able to see Jay Jay Pistolet LIVE! I mean man, this was the guy I’d gone crazy over for years! And seeing Arni Arnason (who I’ve had the biggest crush on for ages), whos hair managed to stay perfect throughout, ufgh Icelandic men are just too perfect. Those easy grins of his, plus the fact that he’s killer at the bass is a pretty unbeatable combo And Pete Robertson, giving it his all on those drums! That guy is so chill. Can’t forget Freddie Cowan of course, who was strutting around, propping his leg up on the amplifiers and giving us a close up of his exemplary guitar playing skills.

( bad quality pics of the vaccines. Im blaming my phone camera)

2014-11-23 21.32.55

Jay Jay with that white guitar when he plays those ballads! And Arni there, look, to the right!

2014-11-23 21.18.16

Freddie Cowan in strut mode

2014-11-23 21.32.37

Ah more Jay Jay.Can’t blame me.And Arni, again. Man that guy is so great (yes I totally ❤ arni) 

There I was. In the crowd, just gazing at these people that create some of the best indie music I’d ever heard. I couldn’t help but feel the happiest I’ve felt in a long time, because just being a part of this, it meant so much. This was an experience for me, as I belted out the song along with Jay Jay (who I felt totally made eye contact with me..was probably my imagination though) talked to random strangers I was standing next to, it was unimaginably brilliant. Almost like a dream, so surreal. Because its not everyday you get to see such perfection.

The craziness of it all, the sheer utter craziness. It sure seemed unreal to me. And I was honestly sad when the performance ended;it just meant it was all over, this thing that I’d looked forward to weeks, this splendour of colour and sound.

Oh well, till next time!



William Fitzimmons: The Uncommon Man


William Fitzimmons has been all over my playlists for a while now. This American folk singer-songwriter has definitely wriggled his way into one of my favorite folk singers ever, and yes, now I’ll be ranting about him. Incessantly.

William Fitzsimmons

As a child who grew up at home with two blind parents, Fitzimmons has been through his share of hardship and pain. Growing up, he trained to become a therapist and mental health counselor, working with mentally ill patients.Music seemed to be his release;his way of expressing the various emotions, or thoughts that ran through his mind as he indulged in such work, and it can be seen in his albums, how he has tracked his life;so dominated by pain and misery.His second album Goodnight traced the divorce of his parents, while the Sparrow and the Crow mourns his own divorce.

Many of his songs speak of regret, heartbreak and finally, after its all over,introspection. However, he manages to carve himself a special place in the heart of folk music; those smooth-as-silk-harmonies and delicate acoustic strums coupled with his gentle, soul searching, haunting voice is enough to make anyone  reminisce about those good old days.

Fitzimmons vocals are simply beautiful; an airy confection of gold tinged sunbeams that warms you to the tip of your toes, and manages to touch your soul. It swirls around those perfectly created melodies, winding around the light guitar that is ever present. But nothing over powers you, nothing pushes you away;if anything the artist pulls you into his embrace, while he whispers in your ear, pouring his heart into you.

Wave after wave of sorrow crash over you, assailing your senses, yet its all so delicate, and so moving that you can’t help being captivated, losing yourself in this myriad of sensations.

William Fitzimmons is an uncommon man, creating uncommon music. In many ways, his life has influenced the person he is today, and he doesn’t hold anything back, rather, he prefers to be brutally honest, sharing himself with you, trying to tell you something, hoping that someone somewhere will accept and listen to him. His brittle fragility only serves to make his songs potent, each saturated with emotions that will more often than not move you to tears, yet you marvel at how devoid his songs are of bitterness and anger. They don’t scream of hate, or harsh words, of darkness. They’re tender ballads, soothing lullabies reminding us that although there is pain, happiness is not far away at times.

Hauting, hypnotic and devastating, William Fitzimmons is unlike any artist I’ve come across. And gosh is he brilliant.




Its been absolutely eons since I’ve gone on about Finnish music. Admittedly, I’ve not really been looking, but sometimes great Finnish music just tends to pop up in my Youtube recommended side so wooo!

This week, Mirel Wagner steals the limelight. Although she is of Ethiopian origin, she was adopted at just 1 and a half years by a Finnish family, and considers herself Finnish. So she is.

mirel wagner

mirel wagner

Her music does take a bit of time to get used to. I gave ‘the Dirt’ a few listens before I really enjoyed listening to it. Theres something very vulnerable about her work. Its almost as if she opens herself up, lets you see who she really is deep down. There is a visible darkness, a gloominess, and a shadow of sorrow that shrouds her work, as she portrays desolation and an emptiness of sorts.

The track manages to haunt you long after its over,echoing in your head. Wagners vocals are slow, hypnotizing, almost lulling you into a trance, and the light strummings of guitar in the background seem to inhance the barrenness that she tries to put across to us.

A masterpiece of strange, bluesy work with a tinge of folk, Wagner is able to paint pictures through her music. Pictures of pain, depression, bleakness, but pictures all the same. It does stay with you; when you close your eyes, you hear her slightly accusatory tone, her anger seething through the song, as well as the sense of loss and acceptance. And not many artists are able to do that, not many at all.

“Momma its gonna be alright
Tell me the story just one more time
Where the grass is green and the water runs wild
Where forever is forever and no-one has to die

Cause you can’t eat the dirt even if you wanna
Cause you can’t eat the dirt even if you wanna
Cause you can’t breathe the dirt even if you wanna
But you’ll be in the dirt, you’ll be the dirt”